Trip to Japan pt. 1. Who did we meet?

こんにちは! We had a trip to Japan. We‘ve met new people and wrote about them in our travel diaries.

Domantas‘ diary:

„ When I was walking in Japan, I met a girl named Demiyah. We had interesting conversations and she showed me nice places to visit. We  are still talking to this day. I hope I‘ll meet her again this summer.“

Milda‘s diary:

I was in art gallery when I met a boy named Yuki. After talking in art gallery, Yuki gave me his adress. He asked to write him a letter because his dad likes to collect foreign postage stamps. I can‘t wait to come back home and send Yuki a letter!“

This is our stories about friends we made in Japan. Do you have friends from other countries? Tell us in the comment section below!